My Choice Ethiopia Tour is Addis Ababa based tour operation that organize package tours and provides tour services of Business tours and travel, Study/Educational tours and travel, Excursions, Safaris of all types, Mountain and desert trekking, Bird watching, City Cultural Tours, Historic Tours, Adventure Tours, and Religious Tours. The company is centrally located in the middle of Addis Ababa , on Highway too close to the Bole International Air port . We are in a prime location that makes convenient to our tourists.

As almost new established tour Operator My Choice Ethiopia tour specializes in the following principles. Its tour packages will be carefully designed with the big consideration of the satisfaction, and safety of our tourists. In helping our clients to plan and designing personalized itineraries, it will be the reliable of the best solutions. It is known that it is not easy to find an Ethiopia Tour Operator who really understand the clients points of interest and who respect the itinerary that he/she desired. Before joining a trip with us, it is important to let the customer know exactly where to go and what to do, show you the levels of professionalism, courtesy and truly, the propensity to look after the smallest and most insignificant details.

My Choice will offer increasingly popular and rare alternative types of travel experience. It is also ready to provide unique and innovative customized programs, exclusively tailored to the particular interests, budget, taste, and schedule of clients. My Choice Ethiopia Tour will give a strong emphasis on introducing clients and guests to Ethiopia secret places, their unique scenery, culture and lifestyle it has to be the foremost inbound tour operators, distinctive for its personalized service and professionalism. Transportation provided is modern and comfortable. Accommodation is arranged with an optimum efficiency, ranging from deluxe modern to simple, charming, traditional style lodges.

My Choice Ethiopia competitive edge is tremendous. Its office location, its customer handling technique and unique customer “interest points” give the company a superb edge and competitiveness. The company’s expertise in organizing tour packages make it the most relevant tour company in Ethiopia and provide its customers with expert advice so they can truly enjoy their trip and vacations. The welcoming and supportive attitude towards its customers will turn first-time visitors into repeat customers. In addition, it will offer not just tour services, but some of the nicest and most unique tours in the area, at very competitive rates.

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