Ethiopia is a land of contrasts. The landscape ranges from smooth, flat to one of highest peaks in the continent. There are a lot of mountainous sites rich in endemic nature to enjoy trekking.

Trekking to the Semien Mountains

The little known but dramatic and beautiful Simien Mountains in northern Ethiopia are one of Africa’s major massifs. At 4543 metres, the trekking peak of Ras Deshen is Ethiopia’s highest and Africa’s fifth highest mountain. UNESCO has recognised the Simien National Park as a World Heritage Site, due to its threatened endemic species and rare flora and fauna.

Trekking routes through the Simien Mountains take you through a dramatic landscape of fertile plateaux, rocky peaks and precipitous gorges, formed by the erosion of the Ethiopian plateau over millions of years. This unique region is a refuge for endangered species such as the Walia ibex, native to the Simien Mountains, and also to the Simien wolf and gelada baboon. The birdlife is prolific too: there are over 800 species here, and many of them are indigenous.

We’ve an 8-Day special tour package to trek in the Semien mountains. Be part of our tour and print a life time memory in your diary.

Semien Mountains

Trekking to the Bale Mountains

The Bale Mountain National Park is another adventurous trek you can add into your to-do list. Explore all habitats of the this Park as you trek across the home of the Ethiopian wolf, mountain nyala, giant molerat and Bale monkey. Experience stunning Afroalpine mountains and natural scenery while heading deep into the heart of the Sanetti plateau – a floating land. Explore vast moorland and discover Afroalpine plants as you camp in the wilderness. Hike amongst rock pinnacles etched out of the lava flows by millions of years of ice and winds, and pass waterfalls and alpine lakes. Camping in the Harenna forest may reward you with a sighting of the elusive animals that live there. Wildlife that can be seen along the way includes the olive baboon, warthog, rock hyrax, Starck’s hare, klipspringer, grey duiker, African wild dog, giant forest hog, leopard, lion and birds of prey.

There are numerous trekking routes throughout the park, varying from two to eleven days.  A  day of trekking consists of anywhere from three to eight hours of hiking. Treks range from 3,000m to above 4,000m altitude.

Bale Mountains

Trekking to the Chains of Gheralta Mountains

Trekking to the mountainous chains of Gheralta, East Tigria, is another must have package in your cart. The mountainous chains are not just mountains. They are also places where people test how far their religious strength can go. Scattered throughout the long chains of the mountains are long-aged rock-hewn churches. There are more than 120 rock-hewn churches in on and around the mountains. From the most in accessible church in the world, Abune Yemata, to stone built churches at the mountain foots, you will definitely appreciate your decision to visit them.

Gheralta Chains of Mountains

Trekking to Erta Ale – the Smoking Mountain

Another must not miss mountain trek is trekking to the Erat Ale, meaning “Smoking Mountain” in the local language Afar. It is the embodiment of hell for some people. It is an open lake of molten rock, spewing noxious gasses. It is literally fire and brimstone.

Fire flood at Erta Ale

It is a dangerous, hellish place with some of the highest temperatures on Earth. It is dry and dusty. The temperatures usually hits 46C (115F) and sometimes higher  and many times the dust blows so hard that you couldn’t see other vehicles even in your small caravan. Few people live here, and those who do, do so by raising goats and camels who eat the few plants that can grow there.

Colors of Danakil Depression

It is, however, interestingly adventurous place and visiting it will always make you remember the place and what happens on the way. At My Choice Ethiopia. we’ve two itineraries according to the time and depth of visit. A 4-Day Visit to Erta Ale will show you a quick overview of the place and the surrounding hostile landscapes of Danakil, colored with natural potash and salt. An 8-Day tour will take you through every amazing piece of inch available in the region. Contact us at or just call us +251 941 616561 for further information and/or booking.

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  1. I would like to thank the entire My Choice Ethiopia Tour in the world for your great holy works. In Africa where i grew up from 1994-2003 in Kolping-Kilimambogo, it was a great place and how I pray many more people could live and experience not just what Prof. Ludwig did but what he left behind for you all to keep doing and empowering people. I remember my first pizza there from Mr. and Mrs. Baumgartner family (the three beautiful friendly kids can remember a David and Judith). You are all great people and any loss is for all of us to mourn and pray that God rewards your wonderful Holy works. God bless you all in Austria , Germany and wherever else you have reached and developed.

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